About Bodyguard Movie:
Bodyguard is a 2011 hit blockbuster movie categorised as second highest grossing bolywood movie of all time.Bodygaurd Movie It is a romantic action film directed by Siddique,it is the third remake starring Salman khan & Kareena kapoor in lead roles.
Salman khan is playing Lovely Singh ,bodyguard of kareena kapoor (Divya),Lovely being so devoted to his duties that follows her everywhere from college campus to classroom,irritating Divya.So Divya & her friend prank love affair over him by calling her as Chhaya.Lovely gradually started loving chhaya,this results Divya also falling in love,but Divya is scared to reveal chhaya’s identity due to Lovely’s immense devotions towards his duties & her father.
Divya sends her friend Maya to tell Lovely her true identity but Maya admits that she is chaya ,they get married & Maya dies after giving birth to a child & left a diary for her son revealing her fraud with her best friend & asks him to unite Lovely & Divya.
Several years later when Lovely visited Divya’s house with his son comes to know that Divya has still not married.His son apologize to Divya on her mother’s behalf & asks her to accompany them as his mother.At the station Lovely discovers from Maya’s diary that Divya was his actual lover Chhaya. They lived happily thereafter.
Upon release film recieved mixed reviews from critics .Taran Adarsh of Bollywood hungama gave a 4.5/5 score.Bodyguard Movie
The film’s original sound track has been cpmposed by Himesh Reshammiya along with one song by Pritam & lyrics written by Neelesh Mishra & Shabbir Ahmed .
Album comprises of 4 songs in general & one instrumental.

Bodyguard (Full Title Song) – “Bodyguard (2011)

“Teri meri prem kahani” Bodyguard (video song) Feat. ‘Salman khan’

I love you (Full song) Bodyguard feat. Salman khan, Kareena Kapoor

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