About Chillar Party:

It is a children’s film produced under Salman khan production. Film has a multiple cast of debuting child artists.Chillar Party Movie Chillar party has won 2011 national film award for best children’s film.

Chillar party is a group of children each having a unique talent living in a society of Chandan Nagar.

They are very fond of playing cricket but usually dogs irritates them by spoiling their ground & another thing which irritates them is neighboring cricket team to whom they always lose.But they have to change their mentality for dogs as ‘phatka’ who employed washing cars enters the society with his dog Bhidu because this boy once served the lead bowler against against neighboring cricket team & make them win.Chillar Party Movie

But here comes a twist when once Bhidu attacked a politician’s secretary & politician announces that all stray dogs will be caught & terminated.

He further added that dogs can be saved if society files a NOC within a month with 50 percent votes of residents in their favour. Chillar party tried very hard to save Bhidu, but till last they were able to collect just 30 votes.

In last movie shows how chillar party succeeded in saving Bhidu with some emotional moves.

Music is composed by Amit Trivedi.Album comprises of 8 songs with an item number “Tai Tai phish” by Ranbir Kapoor.

Chillar Party songs

Ranbir Kapoor’s First Item Song

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Tai tai phiss song of Chillar-Party movie

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